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Broad Match Modifier and Tools

We designed this keyword tool, Keywords Editor's Wrapper to streamline the process of tagging words with plus (+) sign and quotes for Broad Match Modifier and other match types.

You can copy and paste the output to Adwords Editor or web-based Adwords interface. It is easy to use, just double click the downloaded add-in file and the functionality will be added to your current Excel session.

  • Keywords Editor's Adwords Wrapper
  • Download at Google drive

Macro Functions for Broad Match Modifier

1) Add Plus (+) Sign to ALL Words in the Keywords

Just select the range of cells that contain the keyword phrases and execute the command. It is easy.

1. Select the range,  2. Click to "Modified All Words" and done.

2) Add Plus (+) Sign to SPECIFIC Words in the Keywords

You can tag plus sign to specific word or a list of words to the entire list of keyword phrases.

Specify the word or words you want to add modifier in the text box.

You may indicate to tag all words with plus sign EXCEPT for words specified in the text box.

Tag all with + sign EXCEPT these words in the text box.

3) Add Plus Sign to SPECIFIC Words in the Keywords based on Word Order

This command allow you to add plus sign based on word order from left or word order from right.

Add plus sign based on word order.

4) Upload Through Adwords Editor

Convert the match types to a format that you can copy and paste to Adwords Editor.

Just copy and paste to Adwords Editor.

5) Key features of Keywords Editor's Wrapper

Tagging Broad Match Modifier is only part of the full functionality of KE Wrapper. Find out more about Keywords Editor's Wrapper here.

  • You can download the Keywords Editor's Wrapper, an Excel Add-In file (file with xlam extension) here. It is free of charge for use. You may share it with your friends without changing any part of the file. It is digitally signed.
  • System requirements, i.e. Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013, Windows 7 and above.
  • More information on installation and how it works.
  • More information on key features.
  • Help page.
It is easy to use. Just double click the xlam file and the functionality will be added to your Excel during the current session (until you close all Excel Workbook).

List of Popular Broad Match Modifier Tools

You can find many useful Modified Broad Match keywords tools from the Internet. Here is a list of the popular one:

Online text box
  • Keyword Wrapper from SEOM Interactive. A simple and effective online keywords wrapping tool that includes BMM tagging based on specific word or words.
  • Adwords Broad Keyword Converter from A popular online Broad Match Modifier tool.

Browser Add-On
  • Usability Booster for AdWords optimizers is an amazing web based interface Adwords tool from Data-Inside. It is an add-on to Chrome and Firefox browsers for all match types. For Broad Match Modifier, you can only tag all words (and not specific words). Introduced by Holger Schulz at Google+.

Adwords Editor
  • You can tag keywords with Broad Match Modifier directly inside Adwords Editor (Read guides below).

Excel Spreadsheet with VBA Macro or Formula
  • Modified Broad Match Keyword Tool from Chad Summerhill. It is an Excel file with macro capability to manipulate the keywords. You can tag BMM to specific words in keywords phrases.
  • Spreadsheet and formulas (Read guides below)
  • Excel with automated macro program like Keywords Editor's Wrapper (KEW) from us. These are automated Excel macro that tag your keywords quickly with Broad Match Modifier or other match types. KEW is designed to load keywords to Adwords Editor smoothly.

Guides on Tagging Plus (+) Sign, Broad Match Modifier

The how-to guides found on the Internet to tag Broad Match Modifier can be generalized into two categories. The first group is on tagging BMM in Adwords Editor and the second group is on tagging BMM using Excel. Here is the list:

Guides to use Adwords Editor for Broad Match Modifier:

Although both guides above explain on tagging ALL words with BMM, their "Find Replace" method can be used to tag BMM to specific words too.

Guides to use Excel formula or Macro for Broad Match Modifier:

Why Broad Match Modifier matters?

Broad Match Modifier or Modified Broad Match (BMM) is an important feature of PPC advertising. It allows the advertisers to explore unknown search terms just like the use of Broad Match, yet it gives an extra control to disallow deviations from specific words.

When we start a new campaign or project, we usually have a few Ad Groups with Broad Match Modifier and Negative Keywords. We will check the "SEARCH TERMS" report to further refine our keywords list by adding negative, phrase match and exact match keywords. It is a simple but effective strategy to start a new campaign.

Here are the list of explanations from the horse mouth, i.e. Google and Microsoft's Help Page:

Guides and Strategies of using Broad Match Modifiers from industry experts:

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