Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Bulk URLs Builder

Google URL Builder is an online tool to help online marketers to tag Google Analytics tracking parameter values (query string) on URL. These parameter values enable Google Analytics to track website traffic. When you use Google URL Builder you can only tag one URL at a time.

We developed Links Editor's URLs Builder, a tiny Excel Add-In, to tag URLs in bulk quickly. It is an Excel Add In file (.xlam) that you can download to use without charge. The file size is less than 80KB. We illustrate 3 main features here, watch below:

(A) Tag URLs

It is easy to use. Just select the cells with URLs that you want to tag, write the parameter values and click "Tag" button. ALL the selected URLs will be tagged.

Tag URLs in bulk. 

This Add-In also allows you to choose whether you want to encode the special characters in URLs, i.e. space, brackets, etc.

(B) Remove

You can remove the parameter values in a click too.

(C) Formulas

You can use formulas of this Add-In to extract URL parts, i.e. path and file, web address, hostname (subdomain plus domain name), etc.

Using formulas to extract URL parts. Read help page to find out more formulas available.


It is easy to use. Just double click the xlam file and the functionality will be added to your Excel during the entire current session (until you close all Excel Workbook).

A list of URL Builder Tools available on Internet


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