Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Keyword Grouping

We segregate and group keywords in such a way that we can write effective and meaningful ads for each of the keywords group.

The outcome of negating and grouping keywords using Adwords' Keyword Planner can be quite unpredictable. It is quite difficult to write meaningful and effective ads based on the auto-suggested grouping of keywords. Yet it is time consuming to group these keywords manually in Adwords.

Most of the time, we feel we waste many unwanted keywords in the Keyword Planner because it is difficult to turn all of them into negative keywords using the Adwords interface.

Therefore we always download the entire list of keywords from Adwords' Keyword Planner and group them the way we understand the intent of the keywords. We can then write meaningful and effective ads for each Ad Group efficiently. More importantly this process also gives us a list of COMPLETE negative keywords. We don't waste a single keyword from our original downloaded list.

This is the keyword grouping tool we use.

keyword grouping tool download

Keyword Grouping Tool: Wordz Group

Wordz Group is an Excel add-in that extends functionality of your Excel to segregate and group keywords into multiple lists quickly. It segregates keywords based on specific word or words that contain in the keywords.

Watch this demo to understand this simple keyword tool:
  • We have a keywords list on "Baby Card" downloaded from Keyword Planner
  • We want to segregate the list into multiple lists
    • with different intentions like baby shower invitation card, baby announcement card, baby congratulation card, baby thank you card, etc. and 
    • with more specific intentions like baby girl card, baby boy card, personalized baby card, etc.

Segregate the keywords list downloaded from Adwords' Keyword Planner into multiple lists.


  • Just select the cells that contain the keywords list and click the ribbon button "Group Keywords" to call out a dialog box
  • Enter the word(s) that contain in keywords (which you want to include in the new list) into a text box and press Group button
  • Keywords that contain the word(s) will be grouped into a new list and placed at the right column of the selected cells. These keywords will be deleted from the original list.

keyword grouping tool download

Processes Before and After Grouping

You can have your keywords list downloaded from Keyword Planner sorted and grouped in a minute or two. You can then use the Keywords Editor's Adwords Wrapper to tag the keywords with match type and upload them to Adwords through either web based interface or Adwords Editor.

Keywords Editor

Try Keywords Editor, a keyword tool running on Excel with more complete keywords grouping and compiling functionality. 30-day free trial. READ how to extract, group and compile keywords in a most efficient way.

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