Thursday, 5 June 2014

5 Ways to Shut Down Windows 8 Quickly

Here are the top 5 ways to shut down Windows 8 quickly.

Method No. 5

Use mouse only. One smooth swipe with 3 clicks.
  • Move your mouse cursor to bottom right corner to trigger Charms bar
  • Click on Settings > Power > Shut Down

shut down windows 8
A smooth swipe with 3 clicks

There are 2 problems with this method:
  • The swipe to bottom right corner do require some practice in order to be able to trigger charms consistently
  • 3 clicks is a bit too strenuous for shutting down a computer

Method No. 4

Use Keyboard only. 2 keystrokes.
  • You need to be at Desktop View.
  • Press Alt + F4 Keys to trigger Shut Down Windows dialog box
  • Press Enter

ShutDownWindows8 at desktop view
Desktop view. 2 keystrokes.

The problem? You need to be at Desktop view first.

Method No. 3

Create a shortcut icon on Desktop and also a shortcut key for this icon.
  • Use mouse only, one click, OR
  • Use keyboard only one keystroke as defined by you when you create the shortcut key

But you first need to build a shortcut icon on Desktop and Metro Start screen.

A Shut down shortcut icon with shortcut key.
These two articles below give a good step-by-step instruction on how to create the shortcut icon and key.

The problem of this method is that it is quite cumbersome to build a shortcut icon and key, despite being a one time work. From my personal experience, don't set the timer command to 00, i.e. -t 00. Use the default, i.e. -t, which is 20 second. Shutdown is a DOS command, if your eye is sharp enough you can catch a glimpse of the DOS black screen.

I don't like this method, frankly. I really don't know when I will accidentally click on this icon and start the shut down process in the midst of my works.

Method No. 2

Use keyboard only. 3 keystrokes.

  • Press Windows Logo key + x
  • Press u
  • Press u

This is my favorite method. It can start the shut down process in either Desktop view or Metro Start Screen.

3 keystrokes to shut down in most situations.
The problem of this method? You can't shut down this way before you login to Start Screen or Desktop view. Such scenario is really rare. How often you need to shut down your PC before even login?

Finally, Method No. 1

Just press the physical power button on a PC. Prior to Windows 8, pressing power button on a PC will just turn off the power immediately. But in Windows 8, pressing the physical power button on a PC will start the shut down process just like other method above.

The problem? For over twenty years, you were taught not to press on power button because it will cutoff the power immediately, it is quite hard to change this mindset. You afraid this method is somehow less reliable than other methods.

More resources on PC productivity

There are more methods and instructions in shutting down Windows 8. Read:

There are more:


I simply can't resist to write about productivity tips even though turning off Windows 8 has little to do with PPC or spreadsheet. Shutting down Windows is what we do everyday!

My favorite way to shut down windows 8 is the Method 2. With 3 quick keystrokes I can walk away knowing that the shut down will be completed for sure.

The problem? Since starting and shutting down Windows 8 is fast, I am turning off my PC a bit too frequent.

And I am definitely having great fun on using #ShutDownWindows8 hashtag on Twitter.

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