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Adwords Keyword Grouping Tool

Now it is easy to extract and group thousands of keywords quickly into small, tight-knit and highly relevant ad groups, which is the only way to build effective and highly converting campaigns.

In ONE Command, Keywords Editor performs the processes below:
  • extracts highly related keywords from thousands of keywords,  
  • groups them into a tiny ad groups and campaign (so that you can write very relevant ad copies) 
  • compiles them into a format for quick upload to Adwords 

You determine the words that serve as grouping criteria of the keywords. You have full control of the grouping structure. It saves you immense amount of time, efforts and money by eliminating keywords organizing efforts.

It runs on desktop, Windows 7 and higher, Excel 2007 and higher.

Deadlines Vs Effective Ad Groups

You downloaded thousands of keywords from various keyword research and planning tools. You realized the immense mundane and repetitive tasks required to segregate and compile these keywords into tiny and effective ad groups within a tight deadline. What did you do?

You probably decided to sacrifice several nights of sleep to produce that ideal small, relevant and laser sharp ad groups to meet the tight deadlines. Or you might decided to settle for looser, larger and more general ad groups and hope for the best.

Now, you can extract, group and compile thousands keywords into many tiny, laser sharp and highly relevant ad groups in minutes. Without losing your sleep.

The reasons of sloppy ad groups and campaign structure are simply because of the enormous efforts required to sort out and group vast volume of keywords within tight deadline. Without a proper keyword grouping tool, it is simply impossible to produce high quality campaigns within the expected deadline.

3 Ways to Group Thousands of Keywords in Excel Quickly

Method 1

4 Steps:
  1. Select cells that contain keywords
  2. Click on Ribbon button "By Words" at Compile Keywords section
  3. Enter words criteria and update settings
  4. Click Go. The keywords that meet the words criteria will be compiled into a format for quick copy and paste to Adwords Editor

Watch the demo below:

Extract, group and compile highly related keywords into Ad Group based on words criteria. 

The above demo shows how I use this simple tool, in just a few steps:
  1. to extract highly related keywords (all of them contain the words baby and boy and card OR baby and boy and cards
  2. to group and compile them with other information like Max CPC, Match Types, Ad Group Names, Campaign Name, etc. into a table format that is readily to be copy and paste to Adwords Editor


1. Excel Ribbon Button

1. Select Copy Output check box so that the Output is ready to be pasted
2. Select Table check box
3. Click on By Words button to trigger Group By Words dialog box

2. Group By Words Dialog Box

We fill up the words criteria and other information to generate the output.

The text box allows users to use comma ("," for OR) and ampersand ("&" for AND) to extract keywords in a more precise way. In our example, the words in the text box are baby & boy & card, baby & boy & cards. The extracted, grouped and compiled keywords must consist of words: baby AND boy AND card OR baby AND boy AND cards. Therefore, words like baby boy congratulation cards will be extracted but baby cards will not be extracted.

Method 2

You can also extract and arrange all grouped keywords into different columns using Ribbon button "By Words" command. Once you are comfortable with how all the keywords were grouped, you can use Ribbon button "Select" to compile these keywords into a format for quick copy and paste to Adwords Editor

Watch the demo below:
Step 1: Group the keywords into columns first
Step 2: Compile the keywords in the columns to table format for quick upload to Adwords Editor

Step 1: Group the extracted keywords into Columns

This demo illustrates how to extract keywords from a list based on the words contained in the keywords.
The process extract the keywords that fit the criteria and places them into the next columns.
You can repeat the process to group the keywords into many columns.

Step 1's detail Step-by-step image

The extracted keywords based on words criteria were placed at the next column at right. You need to
1. Select the cells
2. unmark the Table check box at the Excel Ribbon
3. Click "By Words" button to trigger Group by Words (Web Interface) dialog box
4. Enter the words criteria
5. Click "Group" button

Other useful Excel Built-in Functions
You can sort the keywords in various columns using Excel built-in command, "Sort" at Data Command Tab.

Step 2: Compile the keywords in the same column into an ad group

Select the cells in the same column.

All keywords in the selected cells will be compiled into a table for upload to Adwords Editor.

Step 2's Detail Step-by-step image

1. Select Cells
2. Select "Table" checkbox in the Ribbon
3. Click on "Select" button in the Ribbon to trigger the "Select & Group to Table" dialog box
4. Enter words criteria and other settings
5. Click "Group" button

Method 2 enables you to have an grouping overview of all keywords before you compile them into table and upload them to Adwords Editor. Through such process you can identify negative keywords and easily add them to your campaigns.

Method 3

This method uses the built-in command of Excel, i.e. Filter, to extract relevant keywords from a keyword list with thousands of keywords.

You may use the Filter function of Excel to segregate and extract the keywords from its original list.

1. Select cells with keywords and header
2. Select "Data" tab
3. Click "Filter" button to enable filter function

1. Click the inverted triangle icon beside the header
2. Select "Text Filters"
3. Select "Contains"

1. Enter your words criteria, i.e. contains,
2. Copy the filtered result and paste to another sheet.
Note: In this method, you only have maximum two words criteria to extract keywords

1. Copy and paste the filtered result to another sheet.
2. Hit Delete key to clear the copied keywords from the original list

Finally, clear the filter. You can start again to extract keywords with different words criteria.

You can repeat the process to extract keywords and group them in different columns. However, this method is cumbersome and slow as compared to the earlier two methods.

Keywords Editor

The processes described in method 1 and 2 are part of Keywords Editor. They are particularly useful in cutting down time and efforts required in moving and organizing keywords to be uploaded to Adwords and Bing during and after keywords research.

Keywords Editor has in total 5 major streamlined processes that allow users to extract/expand, group/organize and compile keywords into columns or table for easy upload to Adwords Editor. Read about how these 5 major streamlined processes can help you to speed up your works.

Other Resources

Here are a few very useful resources in learning ways to do keywords research and using online keywords tools:

Keyword Research Books
  1. This online book, Keyword Research: The Definitive Guide by Brian Dean from Backlinko.Com, is one of the most comprehensive book on the topic of keywords research and niche market. There are 7 chapters in total. It explains ways to explore and to dig deeper into your market niche. It introduces many useful tools in doing your keyword research.
  2. MOZ.com has a very good chapter on Keyword Research from their book The Beginners Guide to SEO.
  3. Wordtracker Academy has classic write-ups and videos on Keyword Research for SEO.
  4. A real good interview with Larry Kim on How to Group Your Keywords

Using Excel for PPC
  1. In her blog post, Advanced Excel Tips for PPC Manager, Katie Walton listed down many advanced techniques written by various PPC experts in using Excel for PPC.
  2. Two very useful articles on using Excel for PPC by John Gagnon: 10 Quick Time-Saving Excel Shortcuts & Mouse Tricks for Marketers and Excel VLOOKUP Basics & Top 5 Mistakes Rookies Make

Keyword Tools to Expand keywords
A list of keyword research tools that are useful in your process of finding keywords for your niche:
  1. Bing Keyword Research Tool
  2. Google Adwords Keyword Planner
  3. I use Google Adwords's Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool during keyword research phase to check competition and expand keywords
  4. Google provides a list of suggested keywords at the bottom of Search Engine Result Page
  5. A list of free Keyword Tools that you can use to expand your keywords

Other Keywords Grouper in the market

  1. WordStream has a free keyword grouper that I think is fun and easy to use. It is quick because the application try to determine the grouping structure on your behalf.
  2. Keyword Grouping Tool from SpyFu, Groupie. Just like WordStream above, both tools attempt to determine grouping structure on your behalf. I am truly impressed by the grouped results consider that the grouping structure is determined by the application. The advantage of such tools is that it is quick and easy to use. The disadvantage is that you have less control over how the keywords should be grouped, which is important. 
  3. 12 Popular Keywords Organizing Tips and Tools by the online marketing industry veteran website, SEOBook. 
  4. A list of 5 Keyword Grouping Tools evaluated by Jarad Collier from PPC Campaign Generator
  5. Another list of 22 Free Keyword Tools for PPC and SEO by Elizabeth Marsten  though not limited to keyword grouping. Some tools in the article may be obsolete as it was published in 2010.
  6. Our free and simple keywords grouping tool, Wordz Group. It is an Excel Add-In (.xlam file) works on Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013. 

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