Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Keywords Editor Version 2.0.3 New Release

We have made a few important improvements in the release of Keywords Editor 2.0.3. We enhanced important commands of Keywords Editor to enable user to speed up their keywords tasks.

A) On Grouping/ Segregating a list of keywords into small, tightly knitted and highly relevant ad groups.

Function: Compile Keywords, “By Words”

The original command allows users to extract keywords that contain certain words, from a list of keywords. For instance:
User can specify words like baby, card, cards in the command’s textbox. The “By Word” command will extract all keywords that contain baby OR card OR cards from the selected list of keywords.

In this new release, the “By Word” command is enhanced to allow user to state more stringent criteria of AND. For instance, User can specify words like baby & card in the command’s textbox. The “By Word” command will extract all keywords that contain both words of baby AND card from the selected list of keywords.

The comma ("," OR) and ampersand ("&" AND) can be combined for use. For instance, in the case of baby & card, baby & cards, the “By Word” command will extract all keywords that contain baby AND card OR baby AND cards.

This speed up the keywords grouping tasks tremendously. There is no change in the option of output. You can decide whether the output is in the format of table for easy upload to Adwords Editor OR in the format of keywords list for further segregating or for overview before further grouping.

The keywords that meet the criteria in the textbox will be extracted to a new sheet in a format that can be easily upload to Adwords Editor. These keywords will be deleted from the original list too.

B) On Combining list of words into new Keywords, allowing skipping of words while adding broad match modifiers to other words in the list.

Function: Compile Keywords, "Combine"

The original command allows users to Combine (we refer this word to the mathematics meaning of Combination) multiple list of words to create a new list of keywords. 

It also allow empty word, represented by a space, in the word lists . This space in the word lists enables combination of words (of different lists) in creating new keywords without words from the respective lists. 

For instance, there are 3 list of words below:

List 1          List 2                     List 3
baby boy    birthday                 card
baby girl   congratulation         cards
           (a space)

The outcomes are the new combinations of words like baby boy birthday card, baby girl birthday card, baby boy congratulation card, baby girl congratulation card, etc.

The space in the 2nd word list allow new words combination like baby boy card, baby boy cards, baby girl card and baby girl cards, which is without the words like birthday and congratulation. 

In earlier version, this cannot work well if you opted for Broad Match Modifier for the new words. Now broad match modifier, in "Combine" operation, can work with word lists that contain empty space.

C) On Cleaning Text from extra spaces and pluses

Function: Text Utilities, "Clean Text" > "Remove Extra Spaces and Pluses"

Remove excess spaces and plus signs.
We added new function to clean not just extra space or spaces in keywords phrases, but extra plus signs ("+") due to insertion of broad match modifiers.

D) Add Broad Match Modifier Option for Permutation Command

Function: Compile Keywords, "Permute"

This specific improvement is not very important. Broad Match Modifier will work well regardless of the position or order of words in keywords phrases. However for consistency and special needs we added the option to mark broad match modifier while executing the command of Permutation (changing order of words in keywords phrases).

E) Broad Match Modifier Text Box

Function: Keyword Match Type, "Modified" > "Specific Words"

This command allow users to add broad match modifiers to the words in keywords. You may separate each word in the text box with either comma (",") or ampersand ("&"). In the case of adding Broad Match Modifier, both operators (comma and ampersand) mean OR.
You can separate each word by comma (",") or ampersand ("&").
There is no difference in this function of adding broad match modifier to words insider keywords.

Read the Full Functionality of Keywords Editor here and find out how it can help you to group keywords quickly and to create effective and tightly knitted ad groups.

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