Friday, 1 August 2014

Keywords Editor Version 2.0.4 New Release

Keywords Editor has a new release, i.e. Keywords Editor version 2.0.4

We released another powerful feature to compile keywords listed in different columns in Excel into various ad groups. The new command is "By Column" under Compile Keywords section. It compiles the keywords in each column as one ad group into a format readily to be uploaded to Adwords Editor.

The full keyword work flow:

  1. Segregate your keywords into different columns. Each column represents an ad group. There are many existing commands, e.g. "By Words" (with Table checkbox unmarked), in Keywords Editor can help you to perform the segregation quickly and efficiently into columns. 
  2. Select/ Highlight these columns 
  3. Click "By Column" command  (with Table checkbox marked) on the Ribbon command bar to trigger "Group by Column to Table" dialog box
  4. Fill up the information like max cpc, campaign names, etc. 
  5. Click "Group" button to execute. A new sheet will be created. The keywords are compiled into a format easily to be uploaded to Adwords Editor


In this demo you can see that the keywords are already organized into columns. This "By Column" command will compile the keywords in each column into an ad group. The name of the ad group is the keywords of the 1st cell of the column. We further breakdown the ad groups by match type. The output is at Sheet 7, it is a format that can be copy and paste to Adwords Editor.

We organize keywords in each column into its respective ad group. 

Once you click the "Group" button, the "By Column" command will execute and the output is placed in a new sheet. The output is in a format easily to be copy and paste to Adwords Editor as below.

Copy and Paste to Adwords Editor

Upload the output of the "By Column" Command to Adwords Editor.