Saturday, 13 December 2014

New Google Adwords Editor 11

Google just released its latest version of Adwords Editor. It looks promising in simplifying and quickening the process of campaign building. These are 4 things that I truly like
  1. its interface
  2. the way it structured multiple users and further access to multiple accounts
  3. the way it structured the access to campaigns, groups, keywords and ads
  4. it is fast on my Windows 8 PC

Comments from the industry experts are generally positive. Here are the comments from a few of the experts:
  1. Larry Kim on the New Google Adwords Editor 11
  2. Ginny Marvin on the New Google Adwords Editor 11
  3. From the horse mouth, Google Adwords's blog on the new Adwords Editor 11
  4. Check the discussion on Adwords Editor in Google Adwords Community

There are small unfavorable changes made, for instance Keyword Grouper function in Adwords Editor 10.6 and earlier was removed.

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