Thursday, 21 March 2019

Keywords Editor (Update 2): Group your Keywords List from Multiple Columns to table

This update of Keywords Editor enhance the PPC process to become smoother and quicker.

We can group the keywords in to Ad Group based on column in the Excel spreadsheet, i.e. one column of keywords into one Ad Group. There is an option to further break down into different Ad Group by match type.

In the previous version, this process will delete the match types of the keywords in the column. User had to define match types when converting column to table.

In this updated version, users can define match types when they group the keywords by column. This process will not delete the match types but instead will pick up the match types (including all broad modifiers) in the column format to be converted to table format (for upload to Adwords Editor). 

It becomes a very smooth PPC workflow. Watch the demo below.

Group by different columns and maintain the match types (include broad modifier) of keywords in the column.

Watch the demo in the next blog post showing the entire smooth PPC workflow to compile the keywords from list into campaign in Adwords Editor.

You may download the trial version of Keywords Editor here.


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